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Welcome to Captain Jack’s

The concept of Captain Jack’s was born a number of years ago, from the need to have a fast boat on the water, available immediately, to take people out on the water without delay and back in a timely fashion.


We recognised the need to be informed when wildlife visits our stunning bay, and then get out on the water to see them. There is nothing more exciting than seeing real wildlife in one of the most stunning bays in the world! We have whales, dolphin, seals all visiting regularly, and people do not even know that they are here, and even if they did, there is no-one with the correct licenses and with a boat on the water, ready to go…which will mean that you can immediately get out to see them.


What people are saying about Captain Jack’s

Anyone, who goes on an adventure with us, comes back feeling alive!

I went with friends on the Captain Jack’s speedboat tour of Hout Bay- what a ride! Take your adrenaline junky friends with you and have the time of your life. The tour was approx 45 minutes on a zodiac type boat fitted with 12 seats that you “ride” like a horse. We cruised past Chapman’s Peak, Seal Island and around the working harbour in Hout Bay but the best part (and not for the faint of heart or those who would rather stay bone dry) we sped around the bay on a 2 metre swell!!


I went there a month ago with my friends on a speedboat it was an amazing experience, will definitely go back again.


What a awesome afternoon checking out beautiful Hout Bay on Captain Jack’s speedboat, thrills and spectacular views, the guide Greg was very informative.


We went on the adventure tour from Hout Bay harbour in the Captain Jack’s speed boat. Being a Hout Bay local I thought I had seen all that there was to see in the bay…I was proven so wrong. Our guide and skipper took us to the hidden cave, seal sanctuary, and then showed us Chappies and seal island from a completely different angle. I was impressed with the local knowledge! Thrown into the mix was a lot of speed, quite a few turns, some big waves and a fair amount of spray. I absolutely loved the experience…it certainly got my heart rate up!


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Captain Jack

Ticket Office #4, Hout Bay Harbour