A life changing experience

As Captain Jacks is the only licensed Whale and Dolphin operator in Hout Bay, it means that as soon as there’s a sighting of these amazing creatures, we can get you out to see them on our ready to go, fast boat with one of our knowledgeable and informative Skippers.

Dolphins regularly visit Hout Bay to feed and play. Between June and November of each year, the Southern Right Whale passes through our waters, journeying from the Cold Antarctica to calve in the warm waters around Cape Town.

The Humpback Whale also passes through, en-route to breed and calve in Mozambique and Madagascar and occasionally Bryde Whales make an appearance too.

It truly is an amazing experience and one you’ll never forget.

"The Whales were absolutely spectacular!! A truly life changing experience which will stay with me forever... Can't wait to get back out there!!" Matt and Rachel.